Interested in Becoming a Reseller?

SCI International’s relationships with our partners are based on trust – in our products, our services and our 30 years of experience. SCI’s OTC products include site-of-care diagnostic and monitoring kits, feminine hygiene and general health products. We jointly develop programs to fit our distributors’ objectives.

SCI’s partners include leading retailers, wholesale clubs, local retail stores and online distributors. SCI control brand products are sold to our partners at a lower cost than that of comparable national brand-name products. Our partners benefit from the greater profit margin and consumers benefit by receiving high-quality, health products at prices below that of national brand products. We have accommodating minimums and provide economies of scale.

For further information about becoming a reseller for SCI products, please contact our sales staff at 1.800.351.0177 or fill out the brief form.

Client Benefits

  • Prepaid shipping; low minimums
  • Damage allowances
  • Swell allowances
  • New store allowances
  • Co-op charges accepted
  • Extended and discounted payment terms – 1-2% Net 31 Days/ Net 45, 60
  • Private Label artwork design paid for by SCI International, Inc.
  • EDI set-up fee waived
  • “Hot Deal”, coupon display discounts

Product Qualifications

  • Independently lab tested for National Brand Equivalence and Quality Assurance
  • Facility audits
  • FDA Registered
  • FDA Cleared and Registered Products
  • Devices 99% Accuracy
  • 2-3 Year Shelf Life

Floor Display Program

All SCI products are available for our Floor Display Program and are customized for any retail space requirement: convenience stores, small retailers, pharmacies, large supermarkets, retail warehouses, etc. Your design is tailored to meet your specific requirements such as geographic location, customer demographic and retail target.

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